Guidance Department

Ronda Eisenhard 513-842-5208 [email protected] Mrs. "I" is the counselor for Jr/Sr high students who have a last name beginning with A-K.

Teri Bemmes 513-842-5228 [email protected] Mrs. Bemmes is the counselor for Jr/Sr high students who have a last name beginning with L-Z.

Jennifer Leone 513-842-5214 [email protected] Mrs. Leone is the counselor for students in grades 7 - 8 at the Jr/Sr High School.

Jean Magly 513-842-5206 [email protected] Guidance Secretary

Our goals as the School Counselors at Reading Jr/Sr High School are to help students with their academic achievement and prepare for post-secondary schooling. Encouraging students to participate in social and personal development opportunities is also a goal of our department.

This web page will be useful to students and parents to inform you about important timelines and events. 

Please check out the "Forms" and "Links" section at the right for  school forms, valuable information, and links to other useful websites.

All Students:  

An email about College Credit Plus (CCP) was sent out to all Parents and Students from grades 7 - 11.  Please click on this link to learn more about CCP.

Progress Book information can be obtained by contacting Jean Magly in the Guidance Office--  513-842-5206 or email [email protected]


You can still order your cap and gown from Jostens on their website at  The only requirement we have is that your student order a cap, gown, and tassel.  We can hold order forms and money to deliver to Mr. Tanner and you may also order online at Jostens.comThe video can be viewed by clicking here.

SENIORS - pay your owed fees before May!  Fees are printed on schedules and invoices will be sent to parents.  You must pay all fees are return all ChromeBooks, books, and materials before graduation or you will not receive your diploma at the ceremony and your transcript will not be sent to colleges.

College Entrance Exams: The easiest way to find information on the ACT and SAT is to visit the test web sites: and Remember our High School Code number is 364360 and is very important for reporting scores back to us for your transcript. Also, many schools are requiring test scores to be sent directly from the testing agencies so be sure to list the colleges to which you plan to apply.  You can look up codes for colleges here:  college CEEB code search.

ACT Resource Links

Why Take the ACT?  Student information.

Preparing for the ACT Test - free practice test          8 Tools to Help You Prepare for the ACT

ACT Test Dates          Parent/Student FAQs for the ACT Test Accommodations and ELA

PrepFactory is a free, interactive test prep site for teachers and students. Our site breaks the test into bite-sized concepts and provides strategy tips, practice sets, and a personalized study path so you can master the test. Give us a look at!

College Visits for Seniors and Juniors: Seniors and Juniors scheduling a college day must bring a note from their parent at least 3 days in advance of the visit. Upon providing this note to the Guidance Secretary they will be given a form to be signed by their teachers approving their absence. This form must be signed and filed in the Guidance Office. Students must have passing grades in all classes to take a college day. Upon return to school, students must provide documented evidence of their visit from the college. Seniors are allowed to take 3 college days, Juniors are allowed 2 college days beginning 2nd semester. We encourage students to visit their possible college choices.

College Applications: Students are encouraged to carefully check application deadlines for the college they are applying to. Colleges cannot process applications until an official transcript is received from Reading High School.  Students applying online need to request their transcript be sent. 

11th Graders 
Your junior year provides the last 1/3 of your GPA that will be used for admission into college and scholarships because you will be applying in the fall of your senior year. Plan to take the ACT and SAT in the spring and then again in the fall of your senior year.   To prepare for your senior year when you will be applying to colleges, it is important to develop an activity list. Your activity list should include volunteer work, awards and recognitions, activities (clubs and sports) you participated in each year of high school, paid work experience, and anything else that helps a college know you better. You will work on this in your American Literature class. 

We will be setting up meetings with you and your parents to discuss your Senior Year!!!!  Watch your email.  Start thinking FAFSA!!!!  There are several sites that offer help completing the FAFSA.   You may apply to FAFSA  October 1.  If you want more info, visit their website at

10th Graders

We have had a few difficult years here with COVID.  Reach out to your Counselor for support and to help you plan your course work to prepare you for work/college. GPA continues to be important. At the end of your Sophomore year, GPA is becoming more important.  It is not too late to improve it !  Next year is extremely important as you will start to focus on colleges/career. Make this first semester a really good one, and you will see the difference. 

Continue to develop your Activity List by getting involved in activities and volunteering in your community.  Keep track of all work and volunteer experience, club and church activities, you may be surprised how big the list is!

9th Graders

 A strong start your first year of high school is extremely important.  Your freshman year in high school lays the foundation for the next three years.  Freshman year is the foundation for your high school GPA that will be used for graduation, admission to college, and scholarships. At the end of this year 1/4 of your GPA will already be decided. Make sure you work hard to make that GPA a good one. The study skills and habits you develop now are important.  Each year of high school should include new challenges and new experiences as you prepare yourself for education and a career after high school.  REMEMBER - if you fail a course in high school you have to repeat it until you pass. 

It’s not just about academics either, what you do outside of the school day is important.  Explore extracurricular activities, join a sports team, or club, and get involved in your community through service activities.

Get to know your teachers, principals, and counselors.  Ask questions and be actively involved in your education.  Make it your responsibility.  Attendance is key, the more you are here the more you learn.  You are starting your journey to life after high school!

Start keeping a record of all of your activities that should include all school and community activities, leadership positions, honors, awards, unique educational experiences, employment, and volunteer work. This information will be updated each year and will be essential when you start the college application process.

Most importantly, remember that your Guidance Counselor is here to help.  If you need some help, advice, support, or encouragement, come see us!