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Mock Trial

Mock Trial

Reading Mock Trial 2016 State Final Four, 2017 State Top Ten, 2019 District Champ



Mock Trial is the number one academic program in the State of Ohio. Students participating in this program learn the roles of attorneys, witnesses, bailiffs, and judges. They use their acquired skills in simulating a court case. Teams argue cases against students from other schools. All students that get involved in this program are winners. They learn team work and what “real life” in the trenches is all about. They use and develop speaking skills, analytical skills, memorization, and improvisation. They quickly understand that they are talented enough to match wits with the brightest and most competitive high school students in Ohio. They learn leadership qualities and can use the program for acceptance into college and for academic scholarships. Most importantly, they learn to become active, engaged citizens and they learn about America's judicial system. I am very proud of what this program has done for our students and am pleased to be a part of it. Reading Mock Trial is a quality program that all of the community can

take pride in.